Excellent Achievement Award by Zhejiang Lab!

I was awarded the “Excellent Achievement Award” by the “2019 Zhejiang Lab Zhejiang Lab’s International Talent Fund for Young Professionals”, which was ranked as No. 1 in the group of Intelligent Sensing (totally 12 funded research projects). My research project (running time: 2019/08 to 2020/08) supported by the Zhejiang Lab was entitled “Heart sound Analysis and its Non-invasive healthcare Applications via Machine Intelligence (Project HANAMI)”. 

A New Paper has been Accepted by IEEE J-BHI!

Our recent paper entitled “Can Machine Learning Assist Locating the Excitation of Snore Sound? A Review” is accepted and published online by IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (IEEE J-BHI, IF-2019: 5.223). Readers who may be interested in computer audition based methods for non/less invasive methods for snore site location can refer to this paper.