New Paper Accepted by Nature Machine Intelligence!

We are pleased to announce that our recent paper, “Validity of Machine Learning in Biology and Medicine Increased Through Collaborations Across Fields of Expertise” was accepted and published online by Nature Machine Intelligence. You may find this article here: We hope this review article can contribute a comprehensive summary of current work and future perspectives of machine learning for life sciences.

Visiting Kyushu University (九州大学)

From November 7th, 2019 to November 10th, 2019, I visited Kyushu University (九州大学). It was a great experience! An amazing campus and a very happy talk with Prof. Keiji Iramina and his lab members. I gave a presentation on the topic of “A.I. Betters Our Life: Applications from General Audio to Wearable Data“, which introduced my doctoral study in Germany and my recent research work in Japan. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with the excellent colleagues in A.I. for BCI (brain-computer interface) and neurology sciences. Fukuoka is so beautiful!